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J and J Wedding

I knew after meeting Jess and Jordan for their hike-through-the-park-trails-with-our-engraved-growler-of-beer engagement shoot that their wedding at a summer camp site was going to be an outdoorsy blast.

Even the hair and makeup station was set up in the fresh air, on a cabin porch.

My second shooter, Devyn, grabbed some beautiful, nature inspired shots of the dress and rings.

Jess chose a gorgeous dress that was absolutely perfect for her.

Once the dudes were suited up, Jess and Jordan met up for their private first look.

Nothing, not even a downpour during their first look, could bring these two down.

Beer was prominently featured in the celebrations of the day, including personalized tumblers for the wedding party, engraved growlers on the tables, and what I affectionately now call the "unity beer."

And then, the party began!

Jess tells me some folks were skeptical about their decision to get married at a summer camp. I think Jess and Jordan might be onto something. Their wedding had a fun, fresh from the zip line and into the suits family vibe, and you can't deny the location was beautiful.

Sending huge congrats to these two lovely humans, and wishes for every day to be filled with such joy and love.

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