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who we are + what we do


Behind The Lens


I'm a Delaware based photographer, theatre artist and mom who thinks of receiving her first pink plastic Care Bears camera from Santa as a defining moment. From that time on, I have cherished my time behind the lens, where I can bear witness to life's beautiful moments, and seek to capture them in a meaningful way. I have photographed couples, families, children and actors, and I am honored to help them create something lasting that they can revisit and share with their loved ones. 

What To Expect

I want to work with you to create a fun and comfortable environment to let the moments unfold naturally. We would meet in an agreed upon location for a stress free shoot that meets your needs, schedule and budget. I will then carefully edit and deliver all your images to you digitally in a password protected online gallery you can share and from which you can download your new images. Planning your wedding? I would love to meet with you to hear your story and discuss how I can play a part in helping you preserve it. 

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