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White Wedding

An amazing local photographer that I recently took some workshops with invited me to assist at a wedding last weekend. The forecast progressed from "chilly" to "chance of snow" during the week leading up to the event.

In the last twenty four hours beforehand, "chance of snow" turned to "a few inches," which therefore turned "cold January wedding" into "spectacularly romantic winter wonderland wedding."

This kind of perfectly, freshly fallen snow blanket leaves a wedding photographer doing this happy dance.

My primary function for the day was as human light stand, tracking the bride and groom with flashes. I was able to sneak in a few photos here and there, mainly behind the scenes type stuff.

It. Was. Cold.

But if the bride could take it, so could I.

And who's to say what was giving her goosebumps? The chill in the air, or the touch of her new husband's hand?

Ladies, take note. Marry the man who will grab your sneakers in the snow, and hold the umbrella when you walk.

She wanted a snowy wedding day, and she certainly got her wish.

With such a fairy tale start, happily ever after seems like a given.

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