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Caty & Meghan

I had the extreme honor of photographing the phenomenal nuptials of Caty and Meghan in November.

They got married in Rehoboth, so we were able to sneak in a few minutes by the water before heading to their venue.

This was my first time at Chesapeake & Maine, a Dogfish Head restaurant, and the venue was absolutely perfect for their vibe as a couple.

The best part about shooting weddings is being right in the middle of the celebration of such overwhelming love between two people, and feeling all of that joy surrounding them. This one in particular had me feeling it so keenly, I was weeping behind the lens. I was in good company.

The night was full of music, laughter, and amazing food and drink, including a toast with the owner of Dogfish Head.

Epic amounts of fun, and so much love.

Congratulations to Caty and Meghan! May every day be filled with this kind of joy.

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