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Into the Woods and Through the Dell

I play a few different roles in life - who doesn't? Before I was a mother or a photographer, I was a theatre artist. It's a role that has stuck, and I am consistently involved in theatre in some capacity.

One of the most rewarding ways in which I stay involved in theatre is through my work with students. I recently directed a high school production of Into the Woods, and was quite pleased when it was going well enough that I could bring in my camera and start snapping production photos.

Having two creative outlets in my life intersect is always double the fun.

Stage lighting is a fun challenge to capture, as it is constantly changing temperature, direction, and intensity, but also makes for some interesting shots.

I enjoyed being able to gift the students with their photos as a souvenir, and to document what we created together. Live theatre involves so much preparation and work to create something so fleeting, it's gratifying to have images to look back on.

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