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K & J Wedding

I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding with my friend and fellow photographer, Carlyle, a few weeks ago.

Beautiful bride K was all smiles as she got ready. She was attended by her two adorable daughters and her mother, and they all got ready together. The girls' excitement was palpable - their parents were getting married!

The outdoor ceremony, at the Christiana Hilton in Delaware, was a beautiful celebration of not just K and J's love and union, but of their entire family's.

Those girls could not wait to start hitting the dance floor at the reception. Cutest party animals ever.

Of course, you could easily see where they got their sweet moves from. This was quite the party.

Carlyle and I even got a little time to play with the bride and groom, and do a little light painting. I'd like to think that my invisible handwriting skills are shaping up nicely.

Many congratulations to this truly joyful family. May their days always be filled with so much laughter and dancing.

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